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  • Tool Makers Steel Vice – Super Precision (TMV/23)
  • Milling Machine Vices – Super Precision (MMV/F/SP/100, MMV/F/SP/150, MMV/SP/100, MMV/SP/150)
  • Angular Machine Vices – Super Precision (AMV/SP/100, AMV/SP/150)
  • 3 Way Tilting Vices – Super Precision (TLT/SP/100, TLT/SP/150)
  • Sine Vices – Super Precision (SNV/6, SNV/150, SNV/7)
  • Quick Change Modular Vice 
Specialty in GROZ Hammers
  1. STEEL LOCKING PLATE : locks head to the handle eliminating loosening or dislodging
  2. HI-VISIBILITY HEAD : instant identification on any job site
  3. VULCANIZED RUBBER HANDLE : Absorbs impact & vibration, reducing user fatigue. Protects user  in the event of striking an electrical wire. Made from special grade of ozone resistant rubber for use in tough outside environments. Handles on most head sizes weigh more than the head, allowing user to apply double the torque on any struck surface.
  4. DROP FORGED HEAD : with striking ends induction hardened. (50-58 HRC)
  5. SPRING STEEL BARS : 9/32″ (7.1 mm) dia. spring steel bars resist overstrike without breaking
Types of Hammer
  • Club Hammers
  • Sledge Hammers
  • Copper Head Sledge Hammers
  • Brass Head Sledge Hammers
  • Ball Pein Hammers
  • Cross Pein Hammers
  • Claw Hammer
  • Double Face Plastic Mallet
  • Centre Punches Round Head
  •  Adjustable Tap & Reamer Wrenches Bar Type

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