Belt Positioners & Trainers

  • Belt Positioner – A belt positioner is used when a conveyor belt mistracks to one side of the belt. It is placed on the return side of the belt and features fixed rollers that direct the belt into the correct path.
  • Belt Trainer – A belt trainer uses a variety of methods, including tapered ends, sensor rollers, and even pivoting and tilting mechanisms to steer belts that are wandering to both sides back on track.

The Flexco line of belt trainers use a combination of friction and tension to correct alignment issues and avoid forces that can damage your belt and your structure. Flexco’s unique “Pivot and Tilt” technology is used in many of our designs to respond and compensate immediately to belt misalignment.


  • Belt Positioner : Belt Size 18 to 96″
  • PT Smart Belt Trainer : Belt Size 18″ to 72″  
  • PTEZ Belt Trainer : Belt Size 18″ to 84″
  • PT Max Belt Trainer : Belt Size 24″ to 84″
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