Thermal Spray Coating

Ador Fontech, in the field of welding, surfacing and spraying solutions since last four decades, has been promoting thermal spray technology in India by way of setting up thermal spray coating shop projects, supplying equipments, consumables and providing coating support for the Indian customers. The coating material, in powder or wire form, is melted by a heat source and propelled using a stream of gases or compressed air on to the prepared surface to form a coating.


Industrial applications
  • Steel Industry: Bridle roll, Deflector roll, Sink roll, ROT roll
  • Power Generation: Gas turbine blades, Boiler tubes, Underwater components
  • Petrochemical Industry: Ball valves, Gate valves, Pump sleeves, Plungers
  • Aerospace Industry: Mid span stiffener, TBC – combustion chamber,
  • Resist Wear
  • Retard Corrosion
  • Control Clearances
  • Master Fluid Environments
  • Salvage Worn Components
  • Conquer High Temperatures
  • Enhance Electrical Properties
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