Fafnir Ball Housed Units

Ball Bearing Housed units including the R, Y, V and S-Series are available in a wide variety of types and sizes.

  • Set-Screw locking ( Y Series, S Series )
  • Eccentric and Concentric locking ( R Series, V Series )
  • Special purpose & environments
  • Safety end caps
  • Replaceable Inserts
Set Screw Locking Collar :

Setscrew locking mechanism is easy to install and well-suited for reversing applications and normal loads.

Eccentric Locking Collar :

The self-locking collar eliminates the need for locknuts, washers, shoulders, sleeves and adapters.

Concentric Locking Collar :

These housed units are selected where setscrew locking is preferred, but inner- ring stress and/or distortion are of major concern.

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