Fafnir Shaft Guard Technology

Housed Units with shaft guarding technology from Fafnir Timken features conventional set-screw and provides shaft protection

  • Set-Screw but with shaft protection
  • No nicks, raised metal or permanent shaft damage
  • Fafnir Curl, Seal is of Buna-N
  • Double filtered polyurea grease
  • Special quality steel
Design Attributes
  • Design includes two conventional setscrews that do not dig into shafts in order to maintain grip.
  • Setscrews transfer pressure to the shaft through a stainless-steel hardened band, eliminating direct shaft-setscrew contact.
  • A groove runs beneath the setscrews in the inner-ring bore to keep this band stationary.
  • The extended length of the inner ring also provides additional stability to improve shaft support and reduce bearing misalignment.
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