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Autogard Torque Limiters have led the industry in overload protection, providing proven reliability & dependable expertise

  • Protect equipment with accurate torque limitation
  • Multiple design options to fit nearly any application
  • Increase life of system components
  • Instantaneous disengagement
  • Up to 8,000 rpm
  • Fast and easy to disconnect motor and gearbox by removing the flexible warp element for machine maintenance
  • Instantaneous separation of damaging inertia’s over a preset torque level
  • Drop-out options available on all sizes for ease of installation and maintenance
  • Free running after torque overload
  • Manual reset without the need of special tooling or replacement part
  • Easy to adjust on site and possible to tamper proof the setting

Rexnord Euroflex Disc Couplings have been optimized to ensure reliable operation for following applications

  • Gas turbine drivers coupled to power generators and compressors
  • Steam turbine driving a centrifugal gas compressor in a refinery
  • Low-mass and reduced moment coupling designs for high torque and speed capacities
  • Highly engineered disc coupling components, including bolts and disc packs
  • Optimized disc coupling design for high-speed and turbine driven applications
  • A motor driving a boiler feed water pump in a thermal power plant
  • Test bench applications
  • Ability to transmit over 120,000 hp (90 MW)
  • Capable of producing couplings with peak torque capacities greater than 17 million in-lbs (2,000,000 Nm)
  • Designs that meet API 671, ISO 10441, ATEX, DNV, ABS, and other specifications

Falk Lifelign Gear Couplings’ triple-crowned teeth articulate freely and minimize wear by misalignment.

  • 13 models for general purpose, high-speed and high-torque applications
  • 28 sizes ; Up to 43 inches (1,067 mm) bore capacity
  • Large flex hubs accomodate hightorque apps in space-limitations
  • Up to 72,450,000 in-lb (8,185,763 Nm) torque capacity
  • Can help protect equipment from damaging loads
  • Up to 1,067 mm bore capacity
  • 3-year, heavy-duty warranty

Loads can easily be balanced on multiple drive systems when Falk True Torque Fluid Couplings are installed at each motor.

  • Up to 7 inches (177 mm) bore
  • Starting power adjustable from 120 – 250% of full torque load torque
  • Up to 1,500 hp (1,119 kW) power rating
  • Overload protection
  • Up to 66,000 in-lb (7,367 Nm) torque capacity

Falk Steelflex Grid Couplings have been the industry standard for nearly a century.

  • High Strength alloy steel taper grid member resulting in dramatic increase of Fatigue strength and torque ratings.
  • Steelflex tunes the drive system. It absorbs impact energy by spreading it over an increment of time. It damps vibration and reduces peak or shock loads by as Much as 30%.
  • Durable Nitrile Seals are heat resistant to 275°F (135°C).
  • Pipe plugs with Steel Material Zinc Plated Finish to ensure an adequate grease reservoir during initial start-up and application run.
  • No need to re-lubricate for 5 years when using Falk Long Term Grease (LTG)
  • Up to 508 mm bore capacity
  • Up to 10,000 rpm
  • Up to 932,126 Nm torque
  • Replace-in-place design reduces element change-out time

Rexnord makes universal joints and all types of custom designs as per requirement

  • Extensive inventory makes fast delivery routine
  • U-Joint, Carden Joint, Universal Coupling
  • Commonly used for rotary motion
  • Special coatings and plating processes are also available upon request, to allow for operation in harsh environments

Thomas Disc Couplings and Flexible Disc Packs are engineered for infinite life and optimized for motor, engine and turbine-driven apps.

  • Allows for visual inspection
  • Easy replacement of disc packs and center members
  • Up to 383,019 Nm torque capacity
  • Zero backlash, low restoring forces, electrically insulated designs
  • Up to 20,000 rpm
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